Resources for Participating Organizations

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Language excerpts for job descriptions

Participating Employers can include reference to CSM in their job descriptions to ensure that people with CSM Certificates know that their skills and competencies will be recognized. This also serves as a strong encouragement for local education and training providers to offer CSM, and for individuals to take CSM.

Baseline CSM reference

The baseline reference is that "As a participant in Excel Together West Virginia, our company (organization) recognizes the value of the CSM Certificate in its hiring decisions. Learn more at"

Stronger CSM reference

A stronger reference that we also encourage among employer participants is "As a participant in Excel Together West Virginia, our company (organization) gives preference to candidates who have a CSM Certificate in hiring or promotion decisions. Learn more at"

Placement of logos

The references above are made generally stronger when the presence of a CSM or Excel Together West Virginia logo accompanies the text. The logos are available below.

Flyers (and more...)

Below you'll find a number of different flyers that you can mix-and-match or use as-is, take the images or the text as needed. We've provided all of the flyers as PowerPoint files (PPTX files) -- we also use Adobe Illustrator for some of our work, and if you'd prefer files in Illustrator format, please ask.

These flyers are rather generic, and don't specify a specific use (adult education, college stop-outs, or workforce) or program, and are meant more to give you some ideas and assets that you can use. If you'd like ideas for applications not shown, please contact us and we're happy to brainstorm ideas with you (

A number of the flyers provide a place for the placement of QR codes (2 dimensional bar codes). A good website to create such codes is QRCode Monkey -- it's free (you don't need to use their fee-based advanced service), gives styling options (shapes and colors), and you can even include a name, tagline or logo as part of the QR Code.

Logos and fonts

We have also included a PowerPoint with a number of logos for your use, and this also contains examples of the Roboto font family (free from Google!) that we use extensively. The font has a variety of different weights (thin, light, regular, medium, bold and black), and has a condensed font as well, where space may be limited -- this is among Google's most popular fonts, and can be downloaded here.

Further below on the page, you will find some PNG and SVG standalone files of the logos that can be used in cases where higher resolution is needed. Please contact us if there are other formats that you'd like.

People images

Finally, we have included a few files with images of people that you might find useful.

More coming

Make sure to come back from time to time as we bring in additional flyers and assets for you to use. And please share with us examples of flyers you have made!

Logos and fonts

This PowerPoint document contains a number of logos (CSM, Career Strategies, Excel Together West Virginia and SeeMore Impact Labs) for use in flyers. Further down in the page we have some standalone SVG and PNG file downloads, but when designing PowerPoints, these may be easier to manipulate.

In addition, the PowerPoint includes some examples and information on the Roboto font (free from Google) that we use exclusively in our flyers.

If you need other logos that given here, please contact us.


This PowerPoint document contains a number of different flyer designs that incorporate many different graphical and content approaches for different audiences -- though mainly currently adult education, college stop-outs and more generally individuals. We will be adding over time to this document, and so please come back from time to time.

Also, we are very happy to help you with flyer or marketing marterials outside of those in this document. For example, we will later be adding flyers for employers who want to use CSM for employee upskilling.

Note that we exclusively use the Roboto font family, and if you don't have this family, the flyers may not look optimal. Please look at the font and logo download for more information on Roboto and how to download (it's free from Google!).

People 1

We have included a number of PowerPoints that have multiple images of people that we have found useful over time and which you are welcome to use as well. All of these are open source or paid resource. Over time, we'll be adding people and other images to the site, and please come back.

Note that these are NOT optimized for the web -- these are meant more for flyers and printed materials. For web applications, in general it's best to use some compression tools to reduce the byte size of the images.

People 2

This is another page with some images for you to use.