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Gain a new pipeline of qualified students

College participants of Excel Together West Virginia adopt the CSM Course as a streamlined pathway from high school and adult education into college. Joining as a participating college is simple and free: the only requirement is articulating the CSM Course for college math credit, which makes your college an attractive destination for many West Virginians across the state.

Current participants include the community and technical colleges, and West Virginia University system.

What is CSM?

The CSM Certificate shows a student has college math and college completion skills

The CSM Certificate is earned on completion of the CSM Course, an innovative self-paced online course that builds High Performance skills: » applied literacy and college-level quantitative reasoning » using these skills to solve real-world problems » learning new skills on your own » executing your skills with care and persistence, with an intention to excel » and self-efficacy, the belief in your ability to succeed. CSM’s next-generation learning technology personalizes instruction not only in academic skills, but also in how one learns, behaves and thinks.

People with a CSM Certificate have the math skills, ability to learn independently, and self-efficacy to succeed in college
College-level Quantitative Reasoning

CSM covers college-level quantitative reasoning, math intuitions, and extensive mental math and problem solving, with seamless remediation down to 4th grade skills. The only passing score on CSM is 100% on mainly fill-in-the-blank questions, leading to deeper understanding and longer retention.

Effective Independent Learning

CSM ensures that students have the learning and study skills to learn independently by placing them in an authentic learning environment where they are guided to learn academic skills on their own. CSM monitors participant meta-cognition and behaviors, with responses guided by artificial intelligence algorithms and coaches.


Self-efficacy is one of the most essential factors for student success - if you don't believe that you're capable of success, you quit at the first speed bump. CSM uses dozens of techniques from behavioral economics and social and educational psychology to develop a person’s belief in their ability to succeed.

CSM prepares students for college

In an adult and opportunity youth program at Cuyahoga Community College, the college was surprised to find that:

  • 28% of people who earned their CSM Certificate registered on their own for associate degree programs (none were expected)
  • Over 70% of those who matriculated either completed their degree or have multi-semester persistence (national average completion rate is approximately 20%)

Excel Together West Virginia

Excel Together West Virginia is a new statewide initiative to provide thousands of West Virginians with an opportunity to build their skills through the CSM Course and earn a CSM Certificate that gains college credit and is recognized in hiring. Some of the activities of Excel Together West Virginia include:

  • Through the WV Department of Education Office of Adult Education, CSM is available to all adults in the state, for free, with a personal coach
  • CSM is working with WorkForce West Virginia and industry associations on encouraging employers to use CSM in employee upskilling or to offer tuition benefits.

Excel Together West Virginia aims to transform people's lives by providing skills and a credential that allow them to grasp for opportunities, and by building their belief in themselves and their communities.

For more information on the Excel Together West Virginia model, click here.

Participation in Excel Together West Virginia

Requirement: Articulation of the CSM Certificate for college credit

The only requirement for participation in Excel Together West Virginia is articulating the CSM Certificate as a course that satisfies the general education math requirement.

CSM has a recommendation from the American Council on Education (ACE) for 3 semester hours of quantitative reasoning at the baccalaureate level. CSM is currently articulated for credit at colleges (both 2- and 4-year) with over 800,000 students.

A CSM syllabus is available here to help find an equivalent course at your college, or you can articulate CSM as a math elective that meets the general education requirements in math (e.g., CSM is articulated at West Virginia University as 1TC, which stands for 100-level Transfer Credit). If you need additional material, presentations, free registrations, please don't hesitate to ask.

Benefits: An expanded pipeline of prepared students

More students

Hundreds of students across West Virginia are earning their CSM Certificates, and we expect this to increase dramatically. Students who take CSM in West Virginia will see your college logo throughout the course, and know that they can matriculate at your college with their math requirement in the rear view mirror, and saving money on tuition. We expect that this will be a very strong incentive for most students in chosing a college, and participating colleges will be at the top of their list.

Better prepared students

Students who have earned their CSM Certificates are more prepared for success - they have the math skills, independent learning skills, and self-efficacy to be effective college students who persist through challenges.

What is "college and career readiness"?

What is college and career readiness

SeeMore Impact Labs conducted a survey of school district superintendent and college president members of the College and Career Readiness Commission of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and The School Superintendents Association (AASA). They were asked:

  • How important are the following factors for the education, work and life success of your students? (shown in green)
  • From school and college, how well prepared are students for these factors? (shown in blue)

How important (GREEN): From their responses, the college-prep math and literacy that are the primary accountability focus of schools has by far the least importance. The most important factors are personal characteristics like self-efficacy (your deep-seated belief in your ability to succeed at what you put your mind to), persistence and attention-to-detail. In a survey of members of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association, employers indicated that the factors identified here are very similar to the factors that they value most in employees, with their most important factor being independent learning and the next highest attention-to-detail.

How prepared (BLUE): From their responses, there is an acknowledgement that schools and colleges don't prepare students with the most important factors -- indeed, other than college-prep math and literacy, the more important a factor is, the less well schools and colleges prepare students in that factor. And most of these factors identified as being important are largely overlooked in West Virginia's college and career readiness curriculum and accountability.

"The unanimous feelings of the math teachers involved in the program is that students are learning in ways they haven’t before.  ...CSM is extremely exciting to me in its potential role in building not only the math skills of students, but also their general interest in academic work, and their ability to learn.  I see broad use of CSM within this [struggling high school] population."

Please click to read more about Haidee's experience with CSM

"How could you ask for a better outcome? So many programs out there promise improved learning outcomes and rarely deliver results. From our point of view as educators and administrators, the CSM program not only delivers excellent outcomes, it gives us the opportunity to have these ongoing small teachable moments with students to help strengthen their basis skills and reasoning abilities."

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Student at BridgeValley Community and Technical College
CSM was key in changing her life trajectory...

" now I don't have to take any math for my associate’s. Now looking back, I felt like I wasn't deserving of a college degree, because I couldn't get through basic math. I had kinda given up, really. To me, CSM saved me!”  

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Student at Eastern WV Community and Technical College

"I’d not done very well in math before, so I was nervous when I heard about CSM… CSM never made you feel uneducated, never made you feel… stupid.  It was so fun, and it made you think about math totally different."

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Next steps...

If you would like to explore participation in Excel Together West Virginia, please contact us! We can walk through the initiative and its benefits with you, and get you started on the path to articulating the CSM Certificate for math credit and becoming a participating college.