How To Take CSM

CSM is available across the state to adults, for free, with a personal coach

West Virginia’s Office of Adult Education has a coach waiting to help you take CSM in almost every county across the state! You can take CSM in a classroom or at home, on any internet-connected device (yes, whatever device you're reading this on!).

If you don't want to take CSM through Adult Education programs, you might be able to take CSM at school, through your work, or independently.

Taking CSM

At your own pace

Completing CSM takes as short or as long as you need -- some people finish in 15 hours, others in 70 hours or more.

Everyone starts CSM at a different skill level, and everyone learns at a different pace. There's no pressure, and the certificate that you earn reflects what you learned, not how long it took.

Personalized to your needs

The CSM Course has 35 Core Skills that everyone masters to earn a CSM Certificate, and 65 Supporting Skills to fill in skill gaps.

CSM detects your needs, and uses the "Goldilocks principle" to keep you right where learning is fastest and most enjoyable - not too easy and boring, or too difficult to learn.

Math that everyone can master

It can be confusing that CSM contains math that earns college math credit, yet almost anyone can succeed with it, including people who have dropped out of high school or college because of math. CSM does not include algebra, but rather a type of math called "quantitative reasoning" that people of all math abilities can master. In addition, this is truly practical math that you can use every day, and changes the way that you operate every day -- all of the sudden, numbers make sense.

With a personal coach

In most cases, you'll have a personal coach who will be working with you either at a learning center or online. If online, they might communicate by phone, text, email, or messaging within CSM -- tell them what's most comfortable for you.

The coach is there to help you learn how to learn on your own, and to be a cheerleader for your successes. Coaches don't teach you lessons -- learning skills on your own is part of the CSM experience.

At home with your technology

You can take CSM in-person at most adult education centers, or remotely through any internet-connected device.

Where to take CSM

Below, we'll describe how adults can take CSM for free through WV Adult Education, employers or schools, or you can take CSM on your own for a modest fee.

Take CSM through WV Adult Education

All adults in West Virginia can take CSM for free -- with a personal coach -- through the West Virginia Office of Adult Education! There are offices in almost all counties in the state, and where there aren't, you can still take CSM at a distance.

If you are enrolled in the SPOKES program through WorkForce West Virginia, tell your coach you would like to take CSM (it is an approved course).

In order to take CSM through adult education, please fill in the form below.

Take CSM through employers

If you are working, your employer may have options for you to take CSM, and may give both time during work to take CSM as well as benefits for having earned your CSM Certificate -- ask your company whether CSM is offered. If it isn't, fill in the form below, and we'll reach out to your employer and discuss options for offering CSM. You can also take CSM on your own (see below).

Take CSM through schools

If you are in high school (or if you are the parent of a high school student and would like your child to take CSM), check with school counselors or the administration to see whether CSM is offered. If not, please fill in the form below, and we'll reach out to them. You can also take CSM on your own (see next section).

Take CSM independently

If you'd like to take CSM privately without going through adult education, a school, or employer, you can obtain a CSM registration for $39 -- and you can get started in minutes! The course is provided by non-profit SeeMore Impact Labs, developers of CSM. And if you'd like a personal online coach for your independent study (highly recommended), the cost is an additional $99 (remember, you'll be earning key college math credit worth hundreds of dollars). Register here.

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