Excel Together West Virginia

Unleashing the potential of all West Virginians

Excel Together West Virginia is a new statewide initiative that provides every West Virginian with an opportunity to build their skills and earn a certification that gains college credit and is recognized in hiring.

Excel Together West Virginia introduces the CSM Certificate backed by the self-paced, online CSM Course. CSM uses the world’s most-advanced personalized educational technology to help people of ALL academic abilities succeed. The CSM Course is free for all adults in West Virginia, including a personal coach.

Excel Together West Virginia aims to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by providing skills and a credential that allow them to grasp for opportunities, and by building their belief in themselves and their communities.

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Individuals: Take CSM

CSM is for everyone, even if school isn't your thing. It's patient and supportive. And it's free to all adults in West Virginia, with a personal coach!

CSM is the most supportive, least expensive way to earn the math you need for a college degree (with no algebra required) -- it earns college math credit at all WV community and technical colleges and West Virginia University / WVU!

Employers are increasingly recognizing the value of CSM in their hiring, and you will soon be able to list your CSM Certificate in your job profile in the WorkForce West Virginia jobs database, and find employers that are looking for potential employees with these skills.

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High Schools: Offer CSM

The CSM Certificate is an unusually concrete standard of college and career readiness: it gains both college math credit and hiring preferences. And through the next-generation technology of the CSM Course, the certificate is attainable by all students, even those who are struggling.

CSM allows all high schools to create dual/concurrent enrollment pathways for students -- CSM is a college-level course that's inexpensive, doesn't require college-qualified math faculty, or for students to place into college-level work.

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Employers: Recognize and use CSM

The CSM Certificate certifies High Performance skills like college-level quantitative reasoning, professional literacy, problem solving mindsets and strategies, the ability to learn effectively on your own, attention to detail, and persistence.

By recognizing the CSM Certificate in hiring, you can hire the 21st Century workforce that you need now, and also encourage students and adults in your community to take CSM to build your future workforce.

You can also partner with the Office of Adult Education to access CSM for your employees with personal coaches, at your workplace, at no cost! Excel Together will help you in planning both existing employee and workforce development programs.

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Community programs: Offer CSM

Whether you're running a high-school equivalency program, a college transition program, a workforce readiness or workforce development program, CSM can serve as a core part of the program. For many of these programs, participants have wildly different skills, and CSM's next-generation personalized learning technology meets them where they are and accelerates their progress, even if they start with remedial math and literacy skills, low digital literacy, and mild learning difficulties.

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Colleges: Articulate and use CSM

CSM addresses many of the most pressing college access and completion issues: students have poor math, and more generally poor learning skills; students are confused about their careers; and most importantly, students have low self-efficacy (their belief in their ability to succeed). CSM is not just another math course - it also builds the High Performance skills of independent learning, attention to detail, persistence, and self-efficacy along with college math.

You can articulate CSM for college math credit to build community partnerships with schools, adult education, workforce development, and community programs. These partners can incorporate CSM into their programming to create a streamlined path to your institution.

You can also use CSM as an alternative pathway to bring back stop-outs, for students in academic difficulty, and in development education.

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Cities/Counties: start a community-wide initiative!

Communities face many different educational and workforce problems, all of which affect the economic prospects. CSM is a single program that addresses the High Performance skills that are common to all these issues, which can be implemented rapidly across programs with little cost.

Excel Together West Virginia is designed to bring the community together. Excel Together West Virginia is a program for "us" -- all the people in your community, working together in shared purpose, commitment, effort and accomplishment.

Cities / Counties
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Student at BridgeValley Community and Technical College
CSM was key in changing her life trajectory...

"...so now I don't have to take any math for my associate’s. Now looking back, I felt like I wasn't deserving of a college degree, because I couldn't get through basic math. I had kinda given up, really. To me, CSM saved me!”  

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Lynn White, SVP Education, National Oilwell Varco (Fortune 500 manufacturer)
Remarks about CSM made at the White House

"Our pilot group has indicated that CSM teaches in a manner that is non-threatening and less frustrating with a strong focus on persistence, attention to detail and improved knowledge retention. In short, it teaches our workers how to learn. ...CSM will result in a more confident, self-reliant workforce that ...has a changed mindset from 'Getting the job done' to 'Getting the job done more effectively and efficiently'..."

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Math Coordinator for a turnaround high school

"The unanimous feelings of the math teachers involved in the program is that students are learning in ways they haven’t before.  ...CSM is extremely exciting to me in its potential role in building not only the math skills of students, but also their general interest in academic work, and their ability to learn.  I see broad use of CSM within this [struggling high school] population."

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